The Beauty of Kunqu at the Smithsonian 2001 【牡丹亭:拾畫】【潘金蓮:挑簾、裁衣】

The Beauty of Kunqu at the Smithsonian 2001 【牡丹亭:拾畫】【潘金蓮:挑簾、裁衣】

A performance of “Discovering the Portrait” from The Peony Pavilion and two scenes from the Kunqu Society production of “Pan Chin Lien” by the New York Kunqu Troupe at the Jefferson Auditorium, Washington, DC. The program was presented by the Smithsonian Associates in conjunction with Wintergreen Kunqu Society.  Sponsored in part by The Kunqu Society.

Mudan Ting, Act 24 : Discovering the Portrait 牡丹亭 : 拾畫 and

Pan Chin Lian 潘金蓮 : 挑簾、裁衣

October 20, 2001

Love affairs, plot twists, seduction, betrayal and murder, the popular story of Pan Chin-lien is a contemporary Chinese performance adapted from Shen Jing’s 16th–century classical work “Yi Xia Ji.

Shi Jiehua in Pan Chin Lien
Wang Taiqi in Discovering the Portrait

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