Kunqu Theater : Drama in the Temple 2004 【思凡】【陽告】【藏舟】

Kunqu Theater : Drama in the Temple 2004 【思凡】【陽告】【藏舟】

A three day series of Kunqu performances, jointly organized by the Smithsonian Associates, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, and the Wintergreen Kunqu Society, in conjunction with the exhibition Return of the Buddha in the Sackler Gallery, Washington DC.  The performances featured Ms. Liang Guyin of the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe. On the first two days, Ms. Liang performed “Longing for Wordly Pleasures” (“Si Fan”) within the gallery space of the exhibition. She also performed “Lawsuit to Heaven” (“Yang Gao”) and “Hiding in a Boat” (“Cang Zhou”), also featuring Wen Yu Hang, formerly of the Beijing Kunqu Troupe, in the Meyer Auditorium, Freer Gallery. Each performance was preceded by story telling by Linda Fang, a prize winning story teller, who provided the context of the scene.

Records of an Evil Sea | Longing for Worldly Pleasure (Si Fan) 孽海記:思凡

Incense Burning | A Lawsuit to Heaven (Yang Gao) 焚香記:陽告

Joys of the Fishermen | Hiding in the Boat (Cang Zhou) 漁家樂:藏舟

May 14 – 16, 2004

Liang Guyin in Yang Gao
Liang Guyin and Wen Yuhang in Cang Zhou
Liang Guyin in Si Fan

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