Lin, Feng 林峰

Mr. Lin Feng is a National Class A Drummer/Percussionist of the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe.  Mr. Lin is a graduate of the Shanghai School for Traditional Theatre.  He is a disciple of distinguished drummers such as Wang, Yupu; Zhang, Xinhai; Li, Xiaoping; and Chu, Lei.  He has lead teams of percussionist and performed in many large full plays.  He also participated in the development of percussion music for large plays.  Mr. Lin won many municipal and national awards and is a member of the Shanghai Musician Association.

Qian, Yi 钱熠

Ms. Qian, Yi began her study of classical kunqu at the Shanghai Academy of Performing Arts at the age of ten and joined the Shanghai Kunju Company after graduation. At the age of twenty, Qian received the Outstanding New Orchid Buds Award, given by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to young performers. In 1998, Qian Yi was cast in the lead role of Lincoln Center Festival’s epic nineteen-hour production of The Peony Pavilion, which played at major international festivals in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Since coming to the U.S., Ms. Qian has continued to work in classical Chinese theater, while also starring in numerous adaptations of Chinese opera in the context of western theater. In 2008, Qian Yi made her debut in western opera, singing a leading role in the San Francisco Opera’s new production of Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter. She currently lives in New York.

Jingqiang Guo 郭景强

Guo Jingqiang is a graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where he studied erhu with Wei Zhongle, Lu Xiutong, and Chen Junying. He has been a member of the Shanghai Orchestra, the Shanghai Philharmonic, and the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra. His tours of Japan and Singapore have won him wide acclaim. Mr. Guo is an erhu soloist and conductor for the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York.

Shi-Rong Huang 黄士荣

After graduating from Shanghai Chinese Drama School, Mr. Huang Shi-Rong  served as the conductor of the famous Shanghai Beijing Opera Troupe for more than 30 years. Several of the Troupe’s popular productions that he conducted won national awards. He has been invited to perform in the USSR, Japan, Hong Kong and US.  Mr. Huang was a member of the orchestra for the Lincoln Center production of The Peony Pavilion.

Yang, Ling 杨玲

Michelle Yang is graduated from Tianjin Institute of Arts, Beijing Cinema Academy and Central Broadcast Institute, where she studied jingju (Beijing Opera), dance, movie and TV acting, and broadcasting. She was a member of Tianjin Institute of Beijing Opera for many years. A winner of many awards in jingju and dance contests, Ms. Yang appeared in several popular Chinese movies and TV series. She is currently a teacher of Kunqu Workshop and participates in Kunqu Society’s public programs.

Tao Chen 陈涛

Chen, Tao, an internationally acclaimed Chinese flutist, music educator, composer and conductor of Chinese orchestra, is the founder and director of the Melody of Dragon, Inc., the co-founder and director of Melody of Dragon & the Youth, the artistic director and conductor of the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York and conductor of New Jersey Buddha’s light Youth Chinese Orchestra.

Graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 1986, Mr. Chen has served as a professor in the Chinese music department. Since coming to the U.S. in 1993, he has performed and lectured throughout the country. In addition to traditional forms, Mr. Chen has won a reputation as a pioneer in the world of new music. His playing can be heard on several soundtracks of Hollywood movies including “Seven Years in Tibet,” “Corrupter” (with the New York Philharmonic), “The White Countess” and the PBS documentary “Under the Red Flag,” the “Voice of China,” “Becoming American” and an Italian movie “Singing behind Screen”. In the US, The New York Times called him a “poet in music” and his playing “a miracle of the oriental flute.” While on tour in Germany in 1989, the maestro Herbert von Karajan praises him as an artist whom “performed with his soul.”

Wu Dezheng

Wu Dezheng

Wu Dezhang (吳德璋) is a well-known Kunqu performer of the “young male” role. A graduate of the Shanghai Academy of Performing Arts and a former member of the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe, he has toured extensively with troupe to many countries. He appeared in a principal role in the Wintergreen Kunqu Society production of The Peony Pavilion, presented by The Smithsonian Associates and Freer and Sackler Galleries.  Mr. Wu is a Resident Artist of the Kunqu Society and the Director of Kunqu Workshops.

Wang Taiqi

Wang Taiqi (王泰祺) is one of the leading performers of the young male role type in Kunqu Theater. A former member of Shanghai Kunqu Troupe, he is also renown for his ability to perform various role types, such as the old male, clown, and old female roles. Mr. Wang is also a popular Beijing Opera performer.

Zhou Ming (周鸣)

Zhou Ming – Educated at the Shanghai School of Traditional Opera and is a master of the dizi, the Chinese bamboo flute.  He received a BA degree in Dizi from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1989.  He studied with the masters of Kunju music for the last 20 years, and is widely regarded as the leading Kunju flute player in China.  Mr. Zhou holds the title Class A Musician from the official ranking system in China.  He has performed as the lead musician for over twenty-five major Kunqu plays, including the Lincoln Center production of The Peony Pavilion in July 1999.  In addition, he has led music ensembles in Japan and Taiwan as a guest conductor.

LI Xiaoping (李小平 )

Li Xiaoping (李小平) is the conductor and lead drummer of the orchestra in the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe. He graduated from the Shanghai Chinese Opera Academy majoring the kunqu music. He has received numerous awards for his mastery of Kunqu music, including the official title Class A Musician from the Chinese government. In recent years, he has performed in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.