Wintergreen Kunqu Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 to promote Kunqu theatre in the United States. It regularly presents public performances in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, featuring some of the premier Kunqu artists in the world to provide an opportunity for the Western audience to experience authentic Kunqu Theater at its highest level. To further educate the public in the intricacies of this refined and sophisticated art form, it also sponsors master classes, workshops, and lecture-demonstrations.

Contact Information: Tong-Ching Chang at
Tel: (301) 983-4035 (evenings)  Fax: (301) 983-4151.

To receive notification of future programs just email with your mailing address and/or email address. We generally send a notice of future events by both email and postcard about five weeks in advance.


Past Events and Activities

April 26-27 2014

Classical Kunqu Theater and Chinese Traditional Music Concert
Carlton College Concert Hall, Northfield, MN

“Inscription” performed by Shen Yi-Li, a guest from Shanghai, China
Music Rearranged by Chen Tao

Music Concert
featuring Melody of Dragon Chinese Musical Ensemble


Aug 18 2013

Dreaming of the Phoenix: Musical Poetry Theater in the Sackler Galleries, Washington D.C.: The Phoenix Sings
In a new music-theater work by Du Yun and Qian Yi, mountain spirits sing ancient poetry lamenting the loss of peace and prosperity since the departure of the phoenix. The vocalists are accompanied by an ensemble on Chinese flutes, nan-hu, zither, pipa, and percussion.
Aug 16-17 2013
Kunqu performance in the Sackler Galleries, Washington D.C.: The Phoenix Sings
Kunqu artists Shen Yili and Wu Dezhang gave three performances of  the scene “The Imperial Garden Banquet,” from The Palace of Everlasting Youth (長生殿:小宴) with flutist Chen Tao.
June 21-22 2011 IMAGINASIA: Kunqu Workshop at The Freer and Sackler Galleries
Performers from the Shanghai Kunqu troupe demonstrated Kunqu movement to an audience of middle school children. Audience members learned the movements of different role types such as the emperor, elegant lady of the imperial court, woman warrior, and the Monkey King. Participants had the opportunity to practice the different movements under the supervision of Kunqu performers Li An, She Yili, Gu Haohao, and Zhao Lei. Ms. Qian Yi served as moderator.
June 19 2011
Shanghai Kunqu Troupe performance in the Sackler Galleries,  Washington, D.C.
The troupe performed three scenes from classic Kunqu plays, featuring Kunqu role types such as the woman warrior, and painted face, which are seldom seen in the U.S. Guest artist Qian Yi also performed "Longing for Worldly Pleasures (Si Fan)".
June 18 2011
Shanghai Kunqu Troupe performance in the Meyer Auditorium, Freer Galleries, Washington, D.C.
The troupe performed four scenes from the classic Kunqu drama, Palace of Eternal Youth (Chang Sheng Dian) with guest performer Qian Yi.

March 4 2011

Kunqu Workshop at Brent Elementary School
Ms. Tong-Ching Chang presented an introduction of Chinese Classical Theater-Kunqu, including a video, PowerPoint presentation, and hands on experience working with costumes and props, to approximately 30 third grade students.

April 2 2009


Makeup Demonstration and Kunqu Performance at Saint Mary's College, Maryland.
Makeup specialist Yang Guiyin demonstrated how the process of preparing the young ladies role for performance.
Kunqu Artist Yang Ling performs "Longing for Worldly Pleasures (Si-Fan).


June 8-9 2008
Details June 8
Details June 9
Kunqu performance in the Meyer Auditorium, Freer Galleries, Washington, D.C: Escape to Nature: Highlights from Kunqu Classics
Six episodes from classic Kunqu plays were performed over two days, featuring award winning artists Liang Guyin, Li Yilong, and Ji Zhenghua from the Shanghai Kunqu troupe.
Professor David Ralston, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan presented background for some of the episodes.

The program was sponsored by the Freer and Sackler Galleries and Wintergreen Kunqu Society.

May 19 2008

Kunqu performance at the U.S. Army Miller Operations Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
Kunqu artists Wen Yuhang and Yang Ling performed the "Interrupted Dream" from the Kunqu classic The Peony Pavilion (Mudan Ting). The performance was part of the Army celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage.

August 5 2006

Kunqu Performance in the Meyer Auditorium, Freer Galleries, Washington, D.C: Portraits In Motion: Chinese Kunqu Theater
Kunqu artists Qian Yi and Wang Taiqi performed the
 "The Banquet" ("Xiaoyan"),from The Palace of Eternal Youth (Chang sheng dian)
The program was sponsored by the Freer and Sackler Galleries and Wintergreen Kunqu Society.

August 4 2006

Lecture Demonstration in the Sackler Galleries, Washington, D.C.
Professor David Ralston, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan, and Kunqu artist Qian Yi presented a one hour lecture-demonstration on the art of Kunqu. Professor Ralston gave a brief history of Kunqu and its place in Chinese culture. Ms. Qian demonstrated various aspects of Kunqu music, singing, movement, and various stage conventions.

May 7 2006


Kunqu Performance in the Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center
Three Episodes from classic Kunqu plays featuring Liu Yilong and Liang Guyin of the Shangai Kunqu Troupe and Wen Yuhang, formerly of the Beijing Kunqu Troupe. In the first half, Ms. Liang and Mr. Wen peformed "Hiding in a Boat" ("Cang Zhou"). In the second half, Ms. Liang and Mr. Liu performed two of their most famous scenes, "Asking for Tea" ("Jie Cha") and "Taken Alive" ('Huo Zhuo"). The program was sponsored by University of Chicago, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Wintergreen Kunqu Society.

May 5 2006


Lecture Demonstration and Kunqu Performance at Mendelssohn Hall, University of Michigan
Mr. Lui Yilong and Ms. Liang Guyin, first class performers from the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe performed "A Marriage Proposal and Its Response" ("Shuo Qin" and "Hui Hua"). The performance was preceded by a twenty minute lecture-demonstration of the music and movement in Kunqu theater by Professor Joseph Lam of the University of Michigan with the assistance of  Mr. Wen Yuhang, formerly of the Beijing Kunqu Troupe. The program was jointly sponsored by the “Musiking Late Ming China Conference” of the University of Michigan and the Wintergreen Kunqu Society.

May 14-16 2004


A three day series of Kunqu performances in conjunction with the exhibition Return of the Buddha in the Sackler Museum of Art. The performances featured Ms. Liang Guyin of the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe and prize winning story teller Ms. Linda Fang. On the first two days, Ms. Liang performed "Longing for Wordly Pleasures" ("Si Fan") within the gallery space of the exhibition. She also performed "Lawsuit to Heaven" ("Yang Gao") and "Hiding the the Boat" ("Cang Zhou"), also featuring Wen Yu Hang, formerly of the Beijing Kunqu Troupe, in the Meyer Auditorium. Each performance was preceded by story telling by Linda Fang, who provided the context of the scene. The performances were sponsored by the Freer Gallery of Art, Wintergreen Kunqu Society, and The Smithsonian Associates. Click here for a webcast of the May 16 performances.
Sept 13 2003

Two performances inside the Chinese Scholars Garden in the Staten Island Botanical Garden in conjunction with the Autumn Moon Festival.  In the first performance Qian Yi and Wen Yuhang performed "Stealing the Poem" from the Kunqu play The Legend of the Jade Hairpin. In the second performance Qian Yi and Guo Yi performed the "Ghost Lover" from the Kunqu play Water Marsh.
Oct 5 2002

A performance of three scenes from the The Legend of the Jade Hairpin featuring Qian Yi and Wen Yuhang in the lead roles. The performance was presented by the The Smithsonian Associates in Baird Hall, The Natiional Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.
Oct 20 2001

A performance of "Discovering the Portrait" from The Peony Pavilion and two scenes from the Kunqu Society production of Pan Chin Lien by the New York Kunqu Troupe at the Jefferson Auditorium, Washington, DC. The program was presented by the Smithsonian Associates in conjunction with Wintergreen Kunqu Society.
Sponsored in part by The Kunqu Society.
July 21-22 2001

Four performances of a program entitled Songs of the Ancestors presented in conjunction with the Freer Gallery exhibit Worshipping the Ancestors at the Freer Gallery, Washington, DC. The performances took place within the gallery space to capture the ambience of the original performance of these scenes. The program featured Ms. Liang Guyin in "An Invocation" (Jae Moo) from Curing the Pain of Jealousy and "Painting the Portrait" (Meio Zong) from The Lute Song. Renowned flutist Chen Tao led the Kunqu ensemble and performed two solos during an interlude between scenes.
Sponsored in part by Bank of America.
Sept 30 2000


A performance of The Rotten Helve-Mountain (Lan Ke Shan) at the Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. presented by The Smithsonian Associates. The program, which featured Ms. Zhang Jiqing and Mr. Yao Jilkun from the Jiangsu Kunqu Troupe, included a one hour lecture-demonstration on Chinese Kunqu theater with Wang Tai Chi from the New York Kunqu Troupe.
Sept 29 2000

A performance-workshop at Georgetown University, sponsored by the Department of International Asian Studies. The program featured Zhang Jiqing of the Jiangsu Kunqu Troupe in a performance of “Pursuing the Dream” a scene from The Peony Pavilion. The program included an introduction to Kunqu theater and a demonstration of Kunqu technique by Mr. Yao Jikun from the Jiangsu Kunqu Troupe.
Nov 23 1999 A lecture on Kunqu theater by Tong-Ching Chang at Madison Building, the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. 
May 22 1999

A performance of two episodes of The Peony Pavilion at the Natural History Museum, Washington, D.C., presented The Smithsonian Associates. The program featured Ms. Liang Guyin from the Shanghai Kunqu Troupe. The program included an lecture-demonstration on Chinese Kunqu theater. 
May 29 1998 A five-hour program on Chinese theater at St. Mary's College, sponsored by sponsored by the Asian Studies, Theater Department, and Music Department of St. Mary's College, MD.  It included two workshops on Chinese theater and related percussion techniques and a Beijing opera performance.

Board of Directors and Officers

Tong-Ching Chang, President and Treasurer, holds an MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive project management experience. Ms. Chang developed her fascination with Chinese theater under the influence of her father, an avid fan of Beijing opera, while growing up in Taiwan. In high school, she studied Kunqu singing and flute playing from several prominent Kunqu scholars in Taiwan. Since 1993 she has been actively involved various cultural organizations to support the Chinese arts and has organized and produced several Chinese theater programs for various educational institutions in the metropolitan Washington, DC.  Ms. Chang was also the co-founder of the Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc.(SKAI), MD.

Michelle Chang, Director, has a bachelor's degree of English from University of Illinois, Chicago Circle. She also has a master's degree in linguistics from University of Georgia, Athens. After she completed her thesis entitled "Tone Sandi in Min Dialect" for her master's degree program in 1981, Ms. Chang developed a deep interest in the relationship of various Chinese dialects and tones.

Charles A. Wilson, Vice President, is Professor of Economics at New York University. Dr. Wilson holds a B.A. in Economics, Miami University, Ohio, and Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester. Although a long time patron of the many of the performing arts, particularly classical ballet, he was first exposed to Chinese theater when he attended the performance of The Peony Pavilion at the Lincoln Center Summer Festival in 1999. He is particularly attracted to Kunqu theater because of its elegant integration of movement, music, and drama.